Letters from our readers: Fixing potholes starts with fixing City Hall 

The real solution for our potholes would be to massively reduce the $100,000-plus salaries of many city employees and require the mayor to govern this city instead of chasing various state offices. Also, ask the mayor not to attend so many “red carpet” affairs while a lot of us can’t even find work in this still-frozen economy.

Howell Hurst, San Francisco


Unfair ballot proposition

Proposition 14 is the most anti-democratic proposition on the June ballot. The proposition requires only that the top two vote-getters in the primary appear on the general-election ballot. Sure, you get more choices in the primary, but what good is that? No one is elected in a primary.

Proposition 14 guarantees that all minority parties, such as the Green Party and the libertarians, are eliminated from the real election ballot. No dissenting voices are even allowed to be represented. The tyranny of the middle-of-the-road majority and the special interests is guaranteed.

Don Havis, San Mateo


Solutions without a tax

Apparently, Cargill recently commissioned a poll asking Redwood City voters whether they wanted to pay more in taxes to stop their proposed Bay-front development. Isn’t that sort of like creating an answer and then making up a question to fit? City taxes have nothing to do with restoring wetlands in Redwood City.

The Environmental Protection Agency recently identified several willing buyers for the Cargill salt ponds who are interested in returning the site to wetlands. In addition, Rep. Jackie Speier just proposed HR 5061, the San Francisco Bay Improvement Act, which would provide the means to repair the Cargill site to its natural state.

Redwood City’s Bair Island was purchased and restored without a city tax. While there are plenty of options for restoration, none involves levying a tax on Redwood City residents. Does Cargill really think Redwood City voters are that gullible?

Kaia Eakin, Redwood City

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