Letters from our Readers: Don’t ban water bottles, just increase awareness 

Unfortunately, public water fountains are a thing of the past.

Somewhere along the line, it became acceptable to expectorate and/or leave other disgusting body refuse in a fountain’s bowl. Rather than banning the items of litter, it would be more effective to champion the early training of our offspring in the proper placement of articles to be discarded.

The deposit could perhaps be increased. Certainly the capped bottle is preferable to the uncertainty of an open cup.

William J. Coburn, San Francisco

Island should be wind farm

I lived and labored on the open plains of Treasure Island for six windy weeks when stationed there in the ROC officers training corps during the Korean War.

I am amused by the ambitious plans of developers and far-sighted planners for human development of this god-forsaken weather tunnel and fog trench located in a direct line between the Farallon Islands and the high-pressure system of the Sacramento Valley.

Within your story in Tuesday’s Examiner (“Treasure Island may be hot spot”) was an ominous feature about possible wind problems. In fairness to anyone planning to live on this former sand bar, the planners should undertake a detailed, long-term climate study. It is my belief based upon actual experience that Treasure Island as a wind farm could generate enough electricity to light The City, the Peninsula and half of the East Bay, but not be suitable for human habitat.

Richard McLean, San Francisco

Cut defense spending

I agree completely with Tuesday’s editorial, “GOP needs mandate to go along with victory.” To solve the Social Security problem, we should eliminate the cap on contributions. Then to solve the budget problem, we should trim the defense budget.
We spend more than the rest of the world combined and we are not defended.

Eliminate waste on weapons systems that are not needed. Bring troops home from around the world where they are not serving our national interest.

A complete review of our defense posture and it effectiveness is in order. With these two acts, then we Republicans will cease to be the party of “no” and become the party of “yes.”

David R. Dawdy, San Francisco

Had enough of Newt
How can we miss him if he won’t go away?

The only thing that Newt Gingrich, the serial adulterer from Georgia, should be running for is the penicillin.

John D. Rosin, San Francisco

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