Letters from our Readers: Departing office early 

Why all the fuss over the possibility of Mayor Gavin Newsom leaving San Francisco for a higher office? He has done a fairly good job for us, and I’m quite sure that The City will not sink with his departure. So Newsom would leave an unfinished term behind him, but at least he did finish his first term. And he will move forward with proven leadership experience.

Now, it seems to be the norm for our elected officials to take advantage of American voters, just to get themselves where they want to go. To honor their elected duties before moving on means nothing.

Barry Bradley, San Francisco

Taking from the people

We are spending billions to keep two wars going, and more billions keeping occupation troops in Europe, Korea, Japan and elsewhere. Meanwhile, people here are losing their homes and our infrastructure is decaying. Here in The City, gardeners and health care providers and teachers get laid off, but the mayor surrounds himself with a bunch of overpaid “geniuses.”

Whether at the federal, state or local level, it’s always the so-called “entitlement” programs that are first on the chopping block, not the high-ticket items or the overpaid political appointees. Social Security, Medicare and other “people programs” are constantly under attack, but throwing money into wars and the military-industrial complex is never questioned.

Lee Goodin, Retired Air Force major, San Francisco

Outlaw ‘vulture funds’

A group of “vulture funds” has successfully diverted millions of dollars of write-off loans to Third World countries into their pockets. These funds purchase Third World debt for pennies on the dollar and sue debtor countries for massive profits.

Impoverished Liberia, where 80 percent of the people survive on an average of $1 a day, recently lost more than $20 million of aid money to two vulture funds. This outraged British lawmakers who recently crafted a Debt Relief Bill that would prohibit unscrupulous investors from robbing debtor nations. The U.S. should follow Britain’s example by outlawing such funds.

Tejinder Uberoi, Los Altos

No reasoning with Iran

The current Iranian government has brutally suppressed peaceful protests. It has admitted that several protesters were beaten to death while in jail. Its leaders don’t believe the Holocaust ever happened, and its goal is to crush Israel. It financially and politically supports terrorist activities throughout the world. Its aim is to manufacture nuclear weapons, even if severe sanctions are imposed.

Does this sound like a country that you can negotiate with on anything? I think the United States and other countries are wasting valuable time trying to negotiate with Iran, as it is a hopeless cause. The time for words is over; now it’s time to take action.

Kenneth L. Zimmerman, Huntington Beach

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