Letters from our readers: City worker retirements won't save any money 

The Examiner’s May 7 story on mass retirements in The City was misleading in its financial outlook. The story inferred that The City would save money because so many workers are going to retire this year.

It did not seem to take into account the cost to the general fund for those who retire. We are still going to pay them nearly the same, plus full benefits. We may even be paying benefits to their spouse long after they die. If The City replaces 10 percent of those that retire, it will cost more per year, not less.

San Francisco needs to do what nearly every private industry has done already, and switch to IRAs. Unless they do that and let go of workers who are not needed or are not productive, they will never pull out of this financial nose dive.

Tim Donnelly

San Francisco


Being politically correct


Two New Jersey jihadists were arrested recently on terrorism charges as they planned to prepare to murder as many Americans as they could.

Oops, I forgot. This is the Obama administration and we cannot speak like that. So let’s just say two “soul-searching” wannabe terrorists planned a “man-made disaster” that could be part of our “overseas contingency operation.”

Scott Abramson

San Mateo


Laws won’t stop oil spill


People want to hold the president responsible for things they know he doesn’t control (such as oil coming out of the bottom of the sea). It doesn’t help that the president even claims he has control.

All the laws our Congress can pass will not stop the oil gushing from the bottom of the sea. People need to take responsibility and do that. If private industry thinks the government has control when it doesn’t and will help when it can’t, then we are in real trouble.

Oil and water don’t mix. Everyone knows that it is easier and safer to drill oil wells on dry land than in 5,000-foot-deep ocean that is miles from shore. The federal government has let the environmentalists tell them that the oil companies must drill far out of sight so that they don’t have to look at or smell their ugly wells.

Robert Parkhurst

Redwood City


Let’s use our own oil


We should be drilling the massive, 2 trillion barrels of oil reserves within our own borders, in remote land areas.

The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that as many as 4.3 billion barrels of oil are recoverable in the Williston Basin area of Montana and North Dakota’s Bakken Oil Formation — larger than Middle East oil reserves. President George W. Bush ordered the drilling of this reserve in 2005, but I understand the environmentalists stopped it — just in time for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Janet Campbell

San Francisco

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