Letters from our Readers: City leaders jump ship amid imminent danger 

Mayor Gavin Newsom wants to become lieutenant governor so he can escape the Armageddon that will befall San Francisco next year with a projected budget deficit of almost $800 million. District Attorney Kamala Harris wants to become state attorney general so she can bring to the entire state the dysfunctional prosecution she so effectively instituted here.

Supervisor Chris Daly is not running for any other offices in San Francisco so that he can send his family to live in Fairfield, where his kids are not subjected to the traumatizing political-social-economic policies that he pushed during his tenure as a political organizer and supervisor.

There is an old saying that when the water reaches the bridge of a sinking ship, follow the rats and jump overboard.

Mike McAdoo, San Francisco

Such striking detachment

President Obama has now gone on vacation twice since the Gulf oil rig disaster began on April 20. Between vacations, Obama managed a cross-country $1.2 million fundraising trip for Sen. Barbara Boxer at the San Francisco manse of Gordon Getty, wealthy scion of a Texas oil tycoon.

At his May 27 press conference, Obama admitted having no knowledge about whether his head of the Minerals Management Service — the federal agency responsible for off-shore drilling — had resigned or been fired.

The editorial calumny that such striking detachment would have brought upon President Bush can only be imagined.

Jim Hartman, Berkeley

Invigorating opinions

I take keyboard in hand to commend The Examiner for publishing not only the best newspaper in the Bay Area, but quite possibly the only newspaper in the Bay Area. I find your newspaper informative and invigorating — in spite of disagreeing with every word in your editorial and opinion pages. And I even enjoy reading your opinions because they help reinforce my own contrary ones.

Gene Eplett, San Francisco

Disgraceful regulations

We deregulated the electric companies and had rolling blackouts. We deregulated the savings-and-loans in the 1980s, and they collapsed and needed a taxpayer bailout. Then, we deregulated banking and securities and we had the taxpayer bailout of 2008. We didn’t regulate the mines enough and miners die in explosions.

Now, the oil companies have liability caps, so someone else has to pay for their mistakes. But if an individual downloads music illegally, it could cost them a fine of $250,000. So the maximum penalty for destroying the entire Gulf Coast is the same penalty as downloading 300 songs illegally.

Where were the government regulators during all this? They were literally downloading porn, doing drugs and having sex with corporate lobbyists.

Marc Perkel, Gilroy

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