Letters from our Readers: City Hall keeps ignoring voters on public power 

San Franciscans have continuously voted down public power several times over the past two decades. Yet, the “progressives” at City Hall are trying once again to bring us public power through the backdoor without a vote of the local taxpayers and ratepayers. The rush by the progressives to push through a deal with Power Choice before Proposition 16 gets decided in the June 8 election vote is a slap in the face of every San Francisco resident.

Proposition 16 would mandate a vote any time a municipality wants to use taxpayers’ money to set up a municipally owned power agency. The progressives, who firmly believe they know better than the voters, should not sign a public power deal until after the June election. Unfortunately, if given a chance, they will.

Howard Epstein, Chairman, Republican Party, San Francisco

Laws must be obeyed

I agree the current immigration laws need to be changed. But until then, we must obey the law.

With U.S. citizenship comes civic duties, not simply paying taxes. How can you serve on a jury if you do not speak the language?

I watch the protests and see many signs in Spanish. Who are these signs supposed to influence? They seem counterproductive.

D.A. Dougan, San Francisco

East controls the US

Arizona’s decision to take an immigration stand finally challenges the political status quo. There hasn’t been an articulate congressional immigration debate for 20 years now. That’s because 70 percent of all the local, state and federal elected politicians govern east of the Mississippi. The Eastern Seaboard is divided into small, over-represented states that continue to outvote the under-represented larger Western states. And that’s why there’s no solution to the immigration predicament.

The power of the original 13 colonies still controls the national political agenda, and immigration isn’t a U.S. problem of major eastern importance. Several Western mega-corporations such as Lockheed, Boeing, Bechtel and now Northrop Grumman laid off tens of thousands and then moved east to be closer to the money and the political muscle there.

R.E. O’Leary, San Francisco

Misdirected outrage

The Commerce Department reports that federal workers are paid an average of $67,812 in annual salary and benefits, so The Examiner says federal workers are getting rich. To state the obvious, that’s not rich. In many areas, that’s lower middle class.
The Examiner also likes to complain about Muni worker pay and even their employee family passes. Meanwhile, a Goldman Sachs executive gives a speech in Germany saying, “Banks have no obligation to produce a public good.” It’s smart for conservatives to find diversionary points.

Todd LeFurge, San Francisco

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