Letters from our readers: Caltrain will lose again with a cut-raise plan 

I am deeply disturbed by Caltrain’s proposed 2011 service cuts and rate increases. With the economy as it is, making Caltrain more expensive and less convenient is likely to lose more riders — the way the last round of cuts-raises did — particularly with mechanical failures adding to commute times.

The way to save Caltrain is to make it cheaper and more convenient for commuters. Adding more bike spaces for those who prefer a noncar lifestyle is an excellent option. Please don’t settle on short-term fixes that will kill Caltrain in the long run.

Chela Norton
San Francisco

Doomsday op-ed misleads

The Aug. 17 James Carafano op-ed on the “end-of-the-world” threat from solar flares and electromagnetic pulse attacks is just hyperventilation and bad math.

A solar flare or even an intentional EMP could accomplish exactly one thing: It might disable certain electronics. In other words, some computers will not work.

This could doubtless cause tremendous inconvenience. But, it will not “kill hundreds of millions of Americans,” as the op-ed hysterically warns. Carafano misleadingly segues from the natural and unstoppable phenomena of solar flares to promoting an anti-ballistic missile program. That not only has nothing to do with solar flares, but also is incapable of preventing an intentional high-atmosphere EMP.

I also don’t think America is so central to the world that “without the American economic engine ... the Earth would likely recede into the ‘new’ Dark Ages.” I mean, seriously, we’re important, but let’s not be quite so full of ourselves.

Jason Jungreis
San Francisco

WTC mosque objector

So, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants all those who object to a mosque being built in the ruins of the World Trade Center massacre to be “investigated.”

Since I’m one of those who objects, I’m probably on her “list.” Doggone. Now, she will find out about all that money I get from Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Newt Gingrich and the Right Wing Conspiracy Inc.

Scott Abramson
San Mateo

Question Arizona outcry

Perhaps the hysterical reaction of the profiling-haters to the Arizona immigration law is that they don’t understand the state. About one-third of the Arizona population is Hispanic, which means that statistically every third person you meet is someone who should be suspected. That would be terribly exhausting.

Surely the average Arizonan knows Hispanic culture and interacts well with fellow citizens. The police force has a large percentage of Hispanic officers and would be even more able to exercise appropriate discretion in acting legally. So much is being made of this law that one begins to question the motives of these rabid protesters.

James Keefer
San Francisco

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