Letters from our Readers: Blame ex-supervisor for Muni’s problems 

Muni costs are high and inflexible because of Proposition A, sponsored in 2007 by Aaron Peskin, former supervisor and current local Democratic Committee chairman. This so-called reform measure guaranteed high salaries for drivers and management while doing next to nothing about work rules that add millions to Muni costs.

There would be no need to gouge riders or taxpayers for additional revenue if costs were reduced. I’m all for paying workers well. But let there also be value for money. Thanks, Peskin.

Peter Holden, San Francisco

Sit-lie law essential to safety
It is high time the Board of Supervisors listens to the voting taxpayers, who have to endure criminal behavior on our sidewalks. The people that the sit-lie law would apply to are not homeless, they are hooligans. They are not poor, they are predators. The sit-lie law must be citywide, not just in the mayor’s new neighborhood. We have the same problems here in North Beach. I think we can trust a police officer’s judgment to distinguish between Granny sitting on a suitcase and a stoned bozo with a pit bull.

Lee Goodin, San Francisco

Mayor’s rent logic skewed

Is Mayor Gavin Newsom really trying to tell us with a straight face that by giving low-income tenants a reprieve on rent increases this will somehow “give ammunition” to landlords for increased rents on vacant units? Right now, landlords can and do charge market rate on vacant units, which Economics 101 defines as charging the maximum they can get people to pay. That would not change under the plan.

David Tornheim, San Francisco

Vote for rich gubernatorial candidate

California’s next governor will be either billionaire Meg Whitman or one-time flaming radical Jerry Brown. Why would citizens of this free country question the monopoly the two corporate political parties hold on our elections? Those of us who are disgusted with rich people destroying everything we believe in can always support the Democrats, right? After all, President Barack Obama is showing us how the Democrat policies are completely different from those of the Republicans. Personally, I hope the rich white person wins.

Carl Hoffman, San Francisco

Take drastic action for once

Your March 3 business section had a story about the U.S. Postal Service’s proposed elimination of Saturday deliveries. Postmaster John Potter said, “Without drastic action, the agency could face a cumulative loss of $238 billion over 10 years.”
Perhaps Potter considers eliminating Saturday service a drastic action, but what drastic hardships will people face by not having Saturday mail?

If genuinely drastic action is required, as it seems to be, let’s have alternate-day mail deliveries for each half of The City. Let’s not pussyfoot around, for once. Let’s actually take the drastic action required. I doubt that there is any first-class mail so time-sensitive that a delay of one day is meaningful.

Will Richardson, San Carlos

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