Letters from our Readers: Better to donate to charity than government 

It is commendable that Warren Buffett has persuaded 40 additional billionaires to pledge to give charity more than 50 percent of their assets. These billionaires are making a very wise decision because their donations will be going to worthy causes. If they do not give away their assets, when they die the estate tax will be 55 percent. Better to give the money to charity while you are alive than to the U.S. government when you die.

Richard Beleson, San Francisco

Quotas are un-American

President Barack Obama campaigned for change, “One America, transcending race.” Instead of bringing Americans together, Obama is dividing us by race, class, etc. The Dodd-Frank financial reform bill, Section 324, imposes race quotas. It would establish 20 offices to implement ratios for minorities in employment and public contracting, etc. This has nothing to do with finance reform. It is blatant abuse of government power that violates the U.S. Constitution and should be removed from the bill.

Philip Melnick, San Francisco

Don’t drink the water

Reject the California Water Bond. The many disasters caused by our unquestioning faith in corporate dominance have caused us trillions of dollars in lost taxes and unimaginable damage to our environment, not only in the Gulf of Mexico but worldwide — in Nigeria, the Amazon and elsewhere.

Now we are going to be bombarded with a heavy dose of corporate funding to convince us that Proposition 18, the proposed California Water Bond scheduled for the November ballot, is somehow in our best interest.

Geoffrey James, San Francisco

If you hire noncitizens

When the owner of a business or home hires an undocumented worker, both the employer and the undocumented worker ought to be jailed, just like a drug seller and a drug user. If the problem is overcrowded jails, Arizona-type tent cities could be set up to house those jailed, thus protecting citizens by even-handedly enforcing the criminal laws.

Frank Norton, San Francisco

No time for Boy Scouts

Even Pennsylvania governor and former Democratic National Committee chairman Ed Rendell blasted President Obama for diminishing the “dignity” of his office by going on softball daytime television programs like “The View.” Rendell compared Obama’s appearance on “The View” to showing up on the “Jerry Springer Show.”

Meanwhile, Obama couldn’t find time to address some 35,000 Boy Scouts at the National Scout Jamboree celebrating the 100th anniversary of their founding. Scouting values of trustworthiness, loyalty to friends and country, and volunteering in the community are certainly worthy of presidential recognition.

Jim Hartman, Berkeley

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