Letters from our Readers: As Muni fares increase, expect more fare cheats 

My heart leapt when I saw your Wednesday front-page headline “No more free rides.” But then I read that it applied only to car poolers and not to the hordes of fare evaders that I see every day boarding Muni buses through the backdoors — with no action from drivers and not a fare inspector in sight.

As fares keep on increasing, this is obviously going to happen more and more. But Muni’s inane solution to cover their losses is to penalize seniors and the disabled by doubling the cost of their Fast Passes while reducing the already inadequate service even more.

Robert J. Hart, San Francisco

Pricing residents out of SF

The Board of Supervisors’ threat to place new “shadow rules” before city voters outraged civic leaders and shed fresh light on local politics. San Francisco voters are notoriously uninformed about local issues and easy to manipulate at the ballot box, due to our highly transient population.

Twenty percent of residents stay less than a year, according to the city controller, largely due to an impossible housing market. The supervisors’ anti-homeowner agenda appeals to tenants until they understand the long-term impacts. The proposed rules would have given district supervisors another tool to squeeze the private sector and increase their control of the lucrative housing construction industry.

Increasingly restrictive policies have already pushed the price of housing far beyond what working people can afford. The more difficult it is to find housing, the more expensive it becomes and the greater the need for government-subsidized housing — the only game left in town.

Judy West, San Francisco

Promoting discrimination

Thank you for your Sunday editorial, “Conyers goes to bat for reverse discrimination.” A level playing field for job opportunities, based on an individual’s qualifications and competence, has always been a principle dear to my heart. Conyers’ character obviously supports an uneven playing field based, shamefully, on race.

John Kasper, San Francisco

Biased rail authority

A posting on the Mineta Transportation Institute at San Jose State University stated that the environmental and engineering design studies for Southern California’s Anaheim-Union Station high-speed railway segment are 18 months ahead of the San Francisco to San Jose segment — a year and a half.

I’m patiently waiting for general recognition of the amazing incompetence and mismanagement of the Bay Area’s politically driven rail authority board. They do not merely advise or set policy, they are making very politically biased basic decisions despite their lack of knowledge about rail systems.

Martin Engel, Menlo Park

Kids, you just wait

My two young children often think of their mom and me as “the party of no.” I’m pretty sure they’ll thank us when they grow up.

Ken Murray, Brisbane

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