Letters from our Readers: Agribusiness column fails to cut the fat 

Gene Healy’s cheap shot Tuesday at first lady Michelle Obama’s efforts to get Americans to eat healthy hits the same old simple theme — get government out of agribusiness — without offering much real information about food and obesity, or the role of the fast food industry.

Granted, the Twinkie may have been developed to combine crops the government subsidized. But what of the need for more fresh produce outlets in inner-city neighborhoods, for increased rather than decreased physical education hours, for schools serving whole food snacks and eliminating calorie-heavy, nutrient-poor soft drinks?

What about television’s continuing a barrage of fast food ads urging viewers to fill up on calorie-rich, nutrition-depleted foods that can be delivered to their door?

One can appropriately critique farm support, which works against family farmers. But an invitation to the Organic Consumers Association to pen a better-researched, more-balanced response seems in order.

Diana Scott, San Francisco

Public transit mess ignored

The almost-daily aggravations with San Francisco public transit and its looming service cuts continue to convince me that most City Hall officials are more interested in what plays statewide and nationally than the practical concerns of San Francisco residents.

One supervisor who is running for mayor has so far been uncharacteristically silent about the proposed cuts, and only two supervisors have responded in any meaningful way. The mayor’s spokesman pretty much says, “Sorry, get used to it.” One thing to be feared in all this is that having been left stranded by packed buses skipping stops, the response of those who can afford it will be to buy clunkers and drive.

Leon Traister, San Francisco

Amusing take on ‘science’

I was amused by the “Not snake oil science” letter in the Feb. 18 Examiner. The writer complained that conservatives are mocking Al Gore’s global warming beliefs, and there was even mention of Sen. Mitch McConnell calling it all “snake oil science.”
The letter claims that snow is more the result of moisture than cold. I’ve never seen it snow during a July thunderstorm.

And I have to believe the heavy snow accumulation that has been a recent nightmare for the Midwest can only happen when it is cold, just as has been going on for countless years.

Barry Bradley, San Francisco

Voting is no requirement

Why does the mainstream media pick on Meg Whitman’s nonvoting record so much? So Meg doesn’t register and she doesn’t vote.

Her majesty, the queen of England, doesn’t vote. The queen could only vote if she renounced her divinely ordained status and became a commoner.

If Meg Whitman chooses to exercise her noble privileges, granted to her because of her great wealth received through birth, who are we to begrudge her? It is not our place to question those who would be queen.

Paul Page, San Francisco

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