Letters from our readers: 311 debate should start with efficiency question 

Not surprisingly, the questions that should be asked about whether to cut the 311 center’s budget are not being raised by either the Board of Supervisors or the mayor. The fact that there have been “8 million calls since inception” is not a relevant statistic. You cannot presume value because of quantity.

It seems to me that one of the objectives of a 311 municipal information line is to consolidate entry points and make things more efficient. So the first question is, where’s the analysis? The service should not duplicate what we have elsewhere. And if it does, the redundancies need to be cut.

Sherrie Matza, San Francisco

Health district obsolete

Sequoia Healthcare District board President Don Horsley spins the facts like a true politician. He states that not one dollar of public funds is spent on administrative overhead — it comes entirely from investment income.

But who provided that investment money, if not homeowners through a portion of their property taxes? That money should have been returned to the taxpayers.

It is a shame that the Sequoia Healthcare District still exists for the main purpose of paying salaries, health care and pensions to its officers and employees. The initial voter-approved purpose ended when the hospital was taken over by CHW.

Franz J. Kemper, San Carlos

Too many dogs in city

With approximately 150,000 dogs in The City, up from some 70,000 five years ago, there must be more canines in San Francisco today than children. But then children are not yet licensed by The City.

Each day in San Francisco is like a Halloween night. Cars drive up to park and let their one to four dogs out to fertilize the neighborhood front yards. There must also be numerous dogs unleashed that leave their poop on sidewalks in the shopping districts, waiting for the rains to wash it away.

Frank Norton, San Francisco

Systematic opposition

Republicans find out what side of an issue the Democratic Party stands on (health care, ending Bush-Cheney wars, jobs, gays, etc.). Then, they rush to diametrically oppose the Democratic president.

In a flash, virtually every Republican public mouthpiece converges into a phalanx of blustering, simplistic bullhorns. This prospect shows disturbing echoes of an old-fashioned Munich beer garden fomenting Germany’s overthrow.

Al Ujcic, San Francisco

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