Letters: February 12, 2006 

Supervisor Jake McGoldrick states that a municipally-owned Wi-Fi network "could result in better service for residents since The City is not profit-driven." I challenge the supervisor to provide one single example of a government-provided service that is superior to what the profit-driven private sector could provide. Muni? The DMV?

Hey, "MarxGoldrick," wise up. The profit motive is exactly what provides us with best possible service at the lowest possible cost. That is, of course, if competition is permitted. Unfortunately, competition is another word that you lump in with profit and ownership in your personal axis of economic evil.

Meanwhile, Supervisor Chris Daly says, "It seems pretty cut and dry [sic] that it’s in the best interest of The City from an economic perspective to move forward with a municipally owned city network." Perhaps in Moscow prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union or in Havana today, Supervisor Daly might be able to find someone who agreed with his "economic perspective."

The supervisors’ comments regarding the superiority of a municipally funded and managed citywide Wi-Fi system versus the Earthlink/Google proposal cement their status as the most economically clueless members of a board that, in any event, has never been in danger of giving Milton Friedman a run for his money in the realm of economic theory.

Scott Klimo

The City

Library joys

How fortunate Examiner reporter Bonnie Eslinger was to get a "sneak peek" at the gloriously refurbished West Portal Branch Library. And how sad that instead of sharing the joy and excitement of a beloved library’s pending re-opening, she chose to write about cost/time overruns and a perceived need for increased Sunday hours.

The reopened building beautifully blends contemporary requirements (ADA accessibility, computer access, etc.) into the warmth and charm this WPA Library has offered the public since its construction in 1939. From its historic ceiling stencils and refinished original chairs and tables to its brand-new elevator and 14 public computers, this cherished building will continue to provide books and learning opportunities for generations to come.

Let’s congratulate SFPL on the successful completion of the West Portal Branch Library renovation and support efforts to fulfill the goals of the library bond despite unanticipated construction cost escalation. Hopefully, when the Sunset Branch Library reopens (scheduled for March 31), The Examiner will headline SFPL’s positive accomplishment rather than publish something negative.

Ellen B. Egbert

San Francisco

And furthermore …

My "Move on" letter to the editor [Feb. 2] was not written to support the mayor, as later contributors suggest. It was written to catalyze action on important but stalled infrastructure projects.

Had I read about the mayor’s two senior appointments from the usual carousel of politically correct riders, prior to submitting my letter, I would have used a much sharper pen. He has chosen former czars from San Francisco’s "Ellis Island for Résumé Misfits" (aka Human Resources) and "Boondoggle by the Bay" (SFO/Muni). His loyalty, at taxpayers’ expense, to the "approved pool" of appointees, as policy and decision makers for San Francisco, in the context of his public mea culpa, is difficult to understand.

He had a real chance for a new beginning by going beyond the regular list of insiders. He imploded. This is the memory I will hold as I vote in November.

Brian Browne

San Francisco

Cab failure

So half of all requested cabs don’t show up?

That is why I finally got a car. I didn’t want to; I take Muni often, but there are times when you need a cab, and after calling and getting busy signals, hang-ups and no-shows, this ex-New Yorker finally understood that the "city that knows how" knows nothing about serving its citizens.

Cabs are licensed by The City to serve The City. Instead, cab companies serve only themselves. Because drivers are "independent contractors," the companies send out a request, but no one need respond. And no response is not acceptable. A call for a cab should get a "yes," "no" or "in a half-hour." Cabs are the missing link to a sensible transit system. Without reliable cab service, more cars will crowd our streets. We need a mayor who will take the lead and give us a taxi system we can count on.

W. S. Beck

San Francisco

Name that team 

The 49ers should call themselves the California 49ers and move wherever they want.

Peter Bollier


The whole story

I think it is time we heard from the other side of this sad affair from Ruby Tourk. It takes two to tango.

James Robinson

The City

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