Letters: Essay exposes extremists 

"Palestine supporters hold protest in SF against violence in Gaza," www.sfexaminer.com

Essay exposes extremists

Thank you for your photo essay (by Jessica Christian, July 27) on the recent anti-Israel rally in San Francisco. It served to document some of the extremist imagery and rhetoric that characterizes our local peace movement.

International ANSWER, the Arab Resource and Organizing Center and many of the other organizations sponsoring the march, reject the existence of a Jewish state of Israel living peacefully and side by side with an Arab state of Palestine, and the chants at the rally -- the calls for intifada and from the "river to the sea" -- highlighted this.

Your reporting drove home an important point. The core of the conflict, both at home and overseas, is not religious, but instead is between the moderates who seek peace and the extremists who fan the flames of endless war.

Faith Meltzer

El Cerrito

"Time to tie pay to Muni's on-time performance," Opinion, Monday

Internal issues for Muni

Op-ed writer John Golinger is correct about the declining performance of Muni which greatly inconveniences the public.

There has been bunching of buses, switchbacks and missed and late buses in a city that proclaims to be "transit-first." It might be more truthful to say, "Transit first, passengers last."

The proposed bond issue that promises to make Muni more efficient neglects Muni's internal communication, command and control structure and operations that manifests itself in poor service.

There are too many managers making six-digit salaries. It is claimed that such high salaries are necessary to get the best talent. But look at the results!

Herbert J. Weiner

San Francisco

Bikes on Caltrain

Bicycles on Caltrain grow

Caltrain has done a tremendous job of transforming itself into the top bicycle-accessible, commuter rail system in the nation, but it still hasn't done enough to meet the growing demand. Since 2010, bicycle boardings grew a whopping 120 percent, whereas walk-on boardings increased less than 50 percent. Bicycle boardings would have been even higher if they hadn't been capped by limited bike capacity.

Paid customers with bicycles are routinely denied service, but walk-on customers are all allowed to board. Yet Caltrain is apparently planning to add more seating capacity, but not more bike capacity.

It's unfair that one type of customer gets left behind on the platform while everyone else is served. This imbalance is especially troubling because passengers with bicycles don't use expensive parking spaces or occupy seats on publicly subsidized shuttles.

Shirley Johnson

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

San Francisco

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