Letters: Don't punish landlords 

➤ “Evicting tenants just got pricier,” The City, Wednesday

Don’t punish landlords

Some supervisors and our mayor seem intent upon punishing the many for the sins of the few.

According to Supervisor Scott Wiener, Ellis Act evictions make up only a small number of total evictions. Is it just too taxing on our leaders’ brains to figure out how to apply existing law to lying, cheating and stealing landlords who force evictions for nefarious reasons? Is it just too easy to require enormous reparations to tenants from a group that surely encompasses many innocent landlords?

Responsible, hard-working landlords include seniors like me who now or in the past invested modest income into a rental property and paid mortgages for years. Just like responsible hard-working tenants, we struggle to live a decent life in this incredibly expensive city. Why should we be punished if we need to move into our own property?

Governmental policy should be fair to the majority in order to balance and maintain the grand diversity of our city. If supervisors pursue their deadly course, we will surely become the nation’s poster child for the split society of super-rich and super-poor that many are already predicting.

Ann Grogan

San Francisco

Expand rent control laws

While a couple of hundred tenants per year may get displaced under the Ellis Act, tens of thousands of San Franciscans are getting squeezed out of their homes and businesses because they are not protected by Rent Control.

Supervisors David Campos and Board of Supervisors President David Chiu are pushing to make homebuyers pay through the nose to evict tenants, even to move into their own homes. Meanwhile, greedy landlords are forcing tenants to pay higher rents or move out, without any compensation, because they have no protection. Rent control does not apply to commercial property, single-family homes, or anything built after 1978, and the supervisors are unwilling to expand it.

Tim Donnelly

San Francisco

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