Letters: Don’t milk tech companies 

➤ “Google gift to fund free Muni for kids,” The City, Friday

Don’t milk tech companies

Google’s $6.8 million gift to San Francisco for free Muni passes for youths was generous and a brilliant public-relations move. I hope it doesn’t entice our Board of Supervisors to shake down the tech companies and their employees.

There is no shortage of cities who would welcome these companies if they decide to pull up stakes. The recent tech boom has been quite profitable to The City as well as many businesses and their workers.

The downside effect — residents and businesses squeezed out — could be prevented by expanding rent control. For some reason, our elected leaders have shown no interest.

Tim Donnelly

San Francisco

➤ Splitting up California

GOP and a six-way state

Have the super-rich, right-wing Koch brothers adopted a new son?

Namely super-rich Tim Draper, who operates his project for Heroes of Entrepreneurship out of the old Ben Franklin Hotel right here in San Mateo.

I’m thinking about the fact that the California Republican Party has nothing to lose and something to possibly gain by Draper’s scheme to Balkanize California into six mini- states.

Would turning California into yesterday’s Yugoslavia or today’s Lebanon, where competing ethnic, economic, political and cultural interests become formalized into actual statelets, help us?

It would be all the harder to negotiate compromises.

Just when we see the Republicans shrink rightfully into one-third of the electorate where they can no longer engage in the destructive practices of destroying our creditworthiness by refusing to pass timely budgets and revenue measures they oppose, we see this Draper proposal.

Makes you wonder.

Mike Caggiano

San Mateo

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