Letters: Don’t blame tech for problems 

➤ “Tech wins some popularity points,” The City, Wednesday

Don’t blame tech for problems

I agree that the tech buses and the workers they carry are not a symbol of San Francisco’s problems. Blocking the shuttle buses is much like kicking your dog when you get home because you dare not confront your bullying boss. And it makes about as much sense. It is a case of misdirected frustration. And as the poll shows, a majority of San Franciscans seem to agree that the shuttle buses are OK.

Ralph E. Stone

San Francisco

➤ Bicyclists in The City

Teach bicyclists some manners

I haven’t owned a car since 1987. I began using a bicycle as my primary form of transportation about seven years ago. And I am extremely tired of seeing ignoramuses of all ages and genders riding their bicycles on the sidewalk.

The enjoyment I once had from riding in The City is gone, not because of automobile traffic, or because of some notional lack of bicycle infrastructure, but because too many urban cyclists have accessorized their bikes with a misplaced sense of self-entitlement and an aggressive form of self-righteousness.

The problem of a few San Francisco bicyclists believing every rideable surface in The City belongs to them alone has grown to the point where it requires action. Educating riders about the laws regulating proper bicycle usage is clearly required and aggressive enforcement of those laws is clearly necessary.

Riley B. VanDyke

San Francisco

➤ Affordable Care Act

In praise of health care law

I am amazed that some have worked so hard to deprive people of health care. The Affordable Care Act is an opportunity for some of the poorest in our nation to improve the health of their families. The act covers emergency services, hospitalization, pre-existing conditions, prescription drugs and a host of other health care issues.

A complete list can be found on the website healthcare.gov. As a person who grew up without any health coverage, I am very happy to support the ACA effort to bring health care to the most vulnerable in our society.

Elie V. Parker

San Leandro

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