Letters: Dickey wrong on Barbour 

"Barbour was bad fit for Cal," Sports, Tuesday

Dickey wrong on Barbour

Columnist Glenn Dickey thought Joe Kapp was a good idea and has been chronically out of touch with the inside scene at Cal for 40 years.

Mark Stephens would have been a disaster. He's a nice guy with poor people skills, too introverted and very insecure.

Stephens was a good student, but not with brilliant common sense.There was a reason why he wasn't chosen. It would have been an easy transition, but it was obvious he was not the type of leader for that job.

Sandy Barbour has done a great job as athletic director with the exception of current football coach Sonny Dykes and monitoring Dykes' predecessor Jeff Tedford's academics, but Tedford earned more power than anyone on campus. He had changed the culture.

Tedford recruited too many poor students.

Dickey is lying saying the football players are now taking easier classes. That's a flat out lie.

It's sad and infuriating that you just make stuff up about Cal or believe people who you think are insiders, but who are not.

John L. Raney

San Francisco

Barbour was a bad hire

As a third-generation Cal grad, I applaud Glenn Dickey for his comments on athletic director Sandy Barbour.

Since 2005, I have written more than 30 letters to the UC Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau and Barbour herself.

She was, indeed, the wrong hire and never understood what it takes to be an athletic director at such a fine university.

To hire Sonny Dykes as football coach was ridiculous and I let Barbour as well as our chancellor know it.

Mary Ann Peters

San Francisco

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