Letters: Davis deal not worth risk 

"Davis' holdout from 49ers minicamp is a selfish act," Sports, Thursday

Davis deal not worth risk

Vernon Davis says he's become a better player and deserves more, but he already has a signed contract paying him handsomely.

I wonder, would Davis give back a portion of his salary if he doesn't meet expectations? Smart fans realize risk for performance has to go both ways and players cannot have increased benefits for good performance but no consequence for bad in a signed contract.

John Dillon

San Bruno

"Archbishop at center of furor," The City, June 18

Cordileone's troubling past

One cannot help but wonder whether or not the good Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone attends AA meetings with the same enthusiasm with which he attends anti-gay rallies and marches. Lest we forget his DUI arrest of a few years back, with his mother in the car.

Frank Brooks

San Francisco

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