Letters: City should keep bus line 

"S.F. General faces parking crisis," The City, Feb. 18

City should keep bus line

On the subject of transit access to San Francisco General Hospital and the shortages it is facing, your reporter stated: "Efforts will also be made to expand bicycle and public-transit access."

May I bring to your attention the fact that in the last few weeks, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency in public meetings has announced its intention to eliminate direct service on the 33-Stanyan bus line from the Richmond and Mission to General Hospital, a proposal residents overwhelmingly oppose.

The 33 is a crucial bus line, a vital link between the west and eastsides of town. It must not be dismantled so that poorly trained bureaucrats can justify wasting precious taxpayer dollars.

Clearly this does not indicate any expansion of public transit to General Hospital, but the opposite, and more reason to believe that the SFMTA is a grossly mismanaged agency that badly needs overhauling and a clean sweep of its corrupt board of directors.

Is the SFMTA telling The San Francisco Examiner one thing and the public the opposite?

Nick Pasquariello

San Francisco

➤ "Death raises prosecution questions," Peninsula, Feb. 12

Death was important story

Thank you so much for the story quoting Public Defender Jeff Adachi concerning our school board member and community member Joseph Waters. His death has impacted many. I am so glad you chose to tell the story.

Melinda Dart

Teacher, Jefferson Elementary School

➤ "Let's end xenophobia over S.F. natives," The City, Feb. 24

Don't mind the newcomers

As a San Francisco native myself, I completely agree with this article. I've watched many neighborhoods transform into stomping grounds for the wealthy newcomers with a sense of entitlement, and it irks me to no end. But unfortunately, or fortunately, that's the way things are. It's not worth being angry about, but it is worth a little effort to show them how to live like a San Franciscan so that we don't lose our identity as a city and community.

Zachary Davis

San Francisco

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