Letters: Call for a cease-fire in Gaza 

"Gaza war continues despite Hamas, Israel truce pledges," News, Monday

Call for a cease-fire in Gaza

Israel's military onslaught in Gaza has resulted in more than 1,047 Palestinians killed and more than 6,000 Palestinians injured, over a 19-day period. Forty-two Israeli civilians and two soldiers have reportedly been killed during this offensive, including by friendly fire.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel issued evacuation orders warning Palestinians to leave their homes to avoid being hit by Israel's military actions.

Where do the Palestinians flee to for their safety? Gaza is where they live. Where can they flee to? The temporary truce is clearly not working.

Let us call on our president, Senate and Congress, and the international community and the U.N. to call for an immediate comprehensive cease-fire in Gaza.

Anh Le

San Francisco

Land must be shared

I watched with horror news footage of a battery of Israel self-propelled heavy-artillery guns firing on Palestinian homes, schools and hospitals. I thought it uncivilized that such fire power could be unleashed on defenseless civilians including women and children.

The U.S., Israel's main supporter, must step in and stop the killing. There are 350 million people in the Middle East, most of them are Arabs. In Israel there are 4.4 million Jews. The numbers are not in Israel's favor. Israel will have to share the land with the Palestinians or leave the Middle East.

Elie Parker

San Leandro

Dividing California up

Breaking the state up

The notion that what is now California will become more governable if it is split into six states doesn't go nearly far enough. Why not create 16 or even 60 states of like-minded people?

Alternatively, we can recognize the proposal for what it is: An attempt by the smallest of Republican party minds to find a way around that party's unpopularity in California as a whole.

Riley B. VanDyke

San Francisco

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