Letters: Bevan Dufty an ineffective czar 

➤ “New ideas on homelessness,” The City, Feb. 6

An ineffective czar

I’m sure Bevan Dufty is a nice guy and well liked at City Hall, but he has been completely ineffective as homeless czar, for which he is paid more than what he made as supervisor.

The City spends hundreds of millions of dollars per year on programs for the homeless, and it seems to just increase their population.

It has become the primary complaint from both tourists and residents.

His solutions, such as giving them puppies, would be laughable, if this was not such a serious problem.

We need to replace him with someone who will use tough love, not kid gloves.

Tim Donnelly

San Francisco

➤ CVS to stop selling tobacco

Others should follow CVS

We applaud CVS Pharmacy’s leadership in banning tobacco sales from its 7,600 stores by Oct. 1.

CVS President and CEO Larry Merlo’s statement, “It is the right thing for us to do for our customers and our company to help people on their path to better health. Put simply, the sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with our purpose,” not only shows CVS’ commitment to protecting the health and well being of Americans and their families, but also to putting ethics over profits derived from selling products that kill.

Tobacco use is responsible for over 480,000 deaths in the U.S. yearly.

Pharmacists are health care providers involved in treating or preventing illness, and promoting health. Something is seriously wrong when the same store sells tobacco products that make customers sick and then sell smoking cessation products to keep them alive while selling them medications to treat diseases caused by cigarette smoking.

We call on Walgreens, Rite Aid, and other pharmacies to follow CVS’ leadership.

Anh Le

San Francisco

Dr. Frederick S. Mayer

San Rafael

➤ “Pedestrian hit, critically hurt in Richmond,” The City, Friday

Everyone is responsible

Californians place their own convenience above the safety of others.

Drivers roll through stop signs and make U-turns when others are perilously close. Taxis weave through traffic, turn right on red through pedestrians, and use turn lanes as passing lanes.

Buses leave their tails in traffic instead of pulling completely into bus stops. Bicyclists ignore traffic signs and signals, and pass cars on the right. Motorcyclists abuse lane splitting and race down residential streets.

Pedestrians jaywalk, wear dark, nonreflective clothing at night and regard crosswalks as protective force fields. The elderly and disabled step off the curbs knowing they cannot reach the other side in the two seconds left on the pedestrian timer.

The City is content to collect ticket revenue rather than fix pervasive problems it created through poor traffic management and by favoring the least-cost avoider. The streets are dangerous because everyone feels a sense of entitlement.

The source of The City’s traffic problems are in your mirror. Take responsibility for your own lives, be patient, and treat others with courtesy and consideration.

Robert Miller

San Francisco

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