Letters: Art school cares more about collecting tuition 

“Academy of Art in an ugly mess,” The City, Wednesday

Art school cares more about collecting tuition

Regarding the planning code violations of the Academy of Art University, this school’s arrogance comes from the fact that they know they’re not providing a needed service.

It’s doubtful that the people who own or run the school think that putting someone $200,000 in debt (half tuition, half living expenses), so that they’re qualified for a (probably rare) $12-an-hour job, feel good enough about their mission in life to act right. They’re only selling a dream and they know it.

Stuart Milligan

San Francisco

“City on the lookout for more cabbies,” The City, Tuesday

Government should stay out of taxi industry

San Francisco government should not be an advocate for a specific sector or the transportation industry, taxis, and an opponent of another sector, transportation network companies.

San Francisco taxpayers should not be paying for ads promoting taxis on Muni buses or partnering with Flywheel for a taxi dispatch system.

The taxi companies have only themselves to blame for the state of their businesses. For decades they did not modernize.

The cab companies should insist that The City deregulate them. The only thing The City should be responsible for regulating is vehicle safety and adequate insurance for both sectors.

If the taxi companies are left alone there is a good chance they will evolve.

Howard Epstein

San Francisco

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