Let supes modify voter-approved laws 

I support Supervisor Scott Wiener’s proposal to allow the Board of Supervisors to modify ordinances passed at the ballot. This is a modest proposal that will help good government. It should not be necessary to go back to voters every time a small tweak needs to be made to amend an ordinance. Often there are changing circumstances or unintended consequences that must be addressed.

Those that say this undermines democracy are wrong. It will be up to the electorate to give this power to the Board of Supervisors. Also we elect the Board of Supervisors to enact laws. This gives them the power to do just that without taking away voters’ rights to vote on ordinances.

David Fix, San Francisco

Welcome Parkmerced plan

I have been a Parkmerced resident for 18 years. A small group of tenant activists have opposed the expansion project from the beginning — spreading lies, using scare tactics and misrepresentations to raise fear among the elderly and most vulnerable tenants.

A Parkmerced representative and I went door-to-door to answer questions and clear up misunderstandings. The majority of the tenants were grateful for the visit and welcoming of the project. Parkmerced has made every effort to address all issues brought up by the tenants, making it clear that they want this community to feel safe.

I believe the development agreement negotiated with The City will protect our rent control. I am confident that Parkmerced will come through with its promises. This project is good for the residents of Parkmerced and good for The City.

Elizabeth A. Keith, San Francisco

SF school gets poor grade

Wanting a more liberal environment, I relocated my 3.8 GPA, fifth-grader son to San Francisco. Budget cut issues and lazy teaching resulted in few of his assignments ever being returned.

Many assignments either didn’t have a grade or the teacher just posted vague comments. In addition, no one told me that the school did not give out progress reports. We never received appropriate feedback to correct issues. And we cannot understand his report card.

Most importantly, I believe the school illegally charged $150 for a science camp trip. I did not learn the camp was optional until I had paid $150 for camp supplies.

Rosalie Davis, San Francisco

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