Let Ross Mirkarimi fulfill jail system vision 

Justice was a lost concept in the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi case (“Mirkarimi deserves another chance,” Wednesday).

It seemed every week of this saga there was a new — never to be proven — accusation. On and on it went with no respect for the man who received more votes in November than Mayor Ed Lee did. There was a clear mandate by the voters to see Mirkarimi carry out his mission for a visionary jail system. While we wait for Mirkarimi to be reinstated, we are losing hope for the thousands of men, women, and youths languishing in our jails.

There was no justification for suspending him from his job, and nothing but political maneuvering could explain doing so without pay. There was no “official misconduct.” The misdemeanor to which he pleaded guilty was something we have all done at least once: Turned the car around and headed back home rather than taking an argument into a public place.

Thanks to The S.F. Examiner for publishing this opinion piece written by two very credible sources. In a democratic society, the entire handling of this scenario should never have happened.

Let’s get San Francisco back on track by reinstating Mirkarimi as our sheriff.

Vivian Imperiale, San Francisco

Brown holds kids hostage

I am writing to express my disgust with the way Gov. Jerry Brown has placed his tax proposal on the November ballot for our consideration.

Basically, he is saying that, “If you don’t pass my tax proposal this November, I will cut your child’s education budget to teach you a lesson.”

Making education funding conditional upon passing his tax proposal reads to me like an extortion note.

As a parent, I don’t appreciate this and feel that cutting back the education budget is the wrong way to go about things here in California.

As we are already lagging in per-student spending and where we stack up against our peers around the country, this would only hurt our children even more.

This will definitely make me want to vote for the other tax proposal (Proposition 38) that is being put forth by California PTA to make sure that the money goes to the schools and not to our state government, where it will most likely be wasted.

What happened to all of the other tax dollars that were levied on us from previous elections?  Where did it all go? Why is there no improvement to the predicament that our schools continue to face?

I cannot and do not trust the state legislators to act in our children’s best interests any more.  I’m voting no on Brown’s tax proposal because of the message he is sending to us all.

Edmund Lee, San Francisco

GG Park bike lines unsafe

I have lived across the street from Golden Gate Park for 28 years and have never seen a bicyclist or pedestrian run down, until today.  

At 1 p.m., a small boy jumped out of a car from the passengers side by the Children’s Playground near Eighth Street. Just as he jumped out, a bicyclist in the bike lane ran him over.

The bicyclist went flying head over heals into the ground; the kid went down like a rock.

The problem is well-known as countless letters have been written about this unsafe condition, so please correct it before more people are hurt.

Rich Knittel, San Francisco


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Thursday, Oct 19, 2017


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