Legislature has new way to spell Maryland taxpayer 

No one really likes people who crow, "We told you so."  But the truth is: we did tell you so.

Here’s the headline from the story that appeared on the Maryland Reporter Web site: "Costs of in-state tuition for illegal immigrants could be higher than projected."

And now, a few details from the body of the story.

"The costs of offering in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants who graduate from Maryland high schools might be significantly higher than estimated, since they were based only on figures from Montgomery College and none of the other community colleges."

Montgomery College is located in Montgomery County, which every Marylander by now realizes is the leading sanctuary subdivision in what is fast becoming the leading sanctuary state in the nation. It is the county where, last year, as Mexican President Felipe Calderon was running roughshod through the country preaching to us about our immigration laws, that an elementary school Latina put First Lady Michelle Obama on the spot.

During Ms. Obama’s May 2010 appearance at New Hampshire Estates Elementary School, the little tyke ‘fessed up. "My mom said Barack Obama is taking everybody that doesn’t have papers. But my mom doesn’t have papers."

The mom didn’t have papers because the mom was in the country illegally. A law passed in this legislative session would allow the children of illegal immigrants ( the ones who are also illegal immigrants, not citizens ) to pay the in-state tuition rate, just like Marylanders who were born here. U.S. citizens who were born here, but not in Maryland – and who, by the way, haven’t broken any laws – would have to pay the much higher out-of-state rate.

Those out-of-state students would, in essence, be getting chumped by the Maryland Legislature.

Now it seems, with the projected higher costs of rewarding, not punishing, lawbreakers, Maryland Democrats have found a new way to spell the word "taxpayer."


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