Legislators thinking only about their wallets 

It appears that money is the only thing that will motivate our state politicians to get things done on time. A case in point is the voter-mandated law that stated if a budget is not passed on time, the legislators won’t be paid either now of retroactively. Lo and behold, we had their budget — even though Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed it for being full of gimmicks.

In years past, the Legislature never passed a budget on time and it dragged on for months while they still got paid. Now, when their paychecks are threatened, they’ll at least do something. Just goes to show how our legislators think only of their wallets and not much about the people they purportedly serve.

Edmund Lee, San Francisco

Dems’ alleged ‘budget’

The legislative Democrats’ recently passed budget bill was a sham. Packed with new taxes disguised as “tax extensions” and “fees,” it was nothing but a cynical ploy by legislators to continue getting paid to “kick the can down the road.” Fortunately Gov. Jerry Brown quickly vetoed it, keeping his word to bring all new taxes to the voters for approval.

Matt Mitguard, San Francisco

Ford’s golden parachute

At a time when all San Francisco departments are attempting to cut back on expenditures, including employee salaries and benefits, a $384,000 golden parachute for outgoing San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency chief Nathaniel Ford, as reported in the June 16 San Francisco Examiner, is reprehensible.

Even more galling is that $9,000 of the total is for three months of health care. Only a city run by incompetents would pay $3,000 per month for an employee’s health care. How many other city employees are on this extremely expensive health plan? And why?

Howard Epstein, San Francisco

Put Ford on Healthy SF

It was bad enough to read about the $384,000 golden parachute given to Nathaniel Ford for leaving Muni, but I am curious about the $3,000 a month for his medical insurance.

In a group plan it shouldn’t be much more than one-tenth of that. What type of plan is it and is this normal for municipal employees? The City could save a fortune by signing them up for Healthy San Francisco.

Tim Donnelly, San Francisco

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