Legislators ignoring gas-price increases 

It’s astounding that our congressional representatives are so quiet and unaccounted for during the current gas pricing crisis. California is going through the sixth month of unprecedented high gas prices versus oil company costs while our voted representatives have been missing in action.  

But this is also our California representatives’ mindset; Californians don’t have enough on the ball to challenge the status quo. No matter what happens, they depend on Californians to be lifeless minions. If memory serves, the oil barrel price was $92 four years ago, and the regular gas pump price at San Francisco stations was about $2.70 per gallon. Last month, regular gas was down to $4.09 when the quoted barrel price was more than $105. Now the barrel price has dropped to $92, but San Francisco prices have gone up to $4.27 per gallon in this same month.

Based on prices four years ago, this $4.27 price represents another mammoth windfall for oil companies on the backs of working Californians.

And where are our congressional representatives? They spend all their time in Washington, D.C.; Baltimore; or Hawaii and may occasionally visit California on weekends. They have no idea what we pay for gas, milk or cake here on the West Coast. But like minions, Californians will continue to buy gas at twice the price and elect the same tired and disconnected politicians again and again.  

R.E. O’Leary
San Francisco

Applause for lake cleanup

Thank you for keeping the focus on the long-overdue cleanup of the Lake Merced boathouse (“Lake finally swaps filth for fun,” Wednesday).   

The Lake Merced boathouse is a park recreation center, but because it is by the lake, it should be known as an aquatic recreation center for boats and aquatic athletes.  

At most, a small coffee shop may operate there, mostly for the parents of boaters. Let the main lessees be the healthful rowing clubs Pacific Rowing Club, St. Ignatius, San Francisco Rowing Club and the high school dragon-boaters. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission should finish refurbishing the site so it can finally become the aquatic center it should be.

Peter Vaernet
San Francisco

Make Coit more efficient

Letter-writer Andrea O’Leary objects to the “privatization” of parks and icons such as Coit Tower (“Tower isn’t a party zone,” Letters, Wednesday) because the Recreation and Park Department has “done a dismal job of competing for its annual budget” and because the public has not been getting what it pays for, nor an accounting while services diminish and costs escalate. Aren’t these reasons supporting privatization?

If chosen in an open, competitive process, let private business see if in a recession it can do a better job than civil servants who drain our taxpayer dollars with high salaries and future pensions. While I find Proposition B a bit confusing, I’m inclined to vote no.

Ann Grogan
San Francisco


GG Park bike lanes unsafe

I don’t like the new repositioned bike and car lanes in Golden Gate Park. The lanes are unsafe for cyclists and drivers alike.

It would be OK if cars weren’t allowed to park there. Otherwise bring back the previous configuration, because this new parking and bike lane layout wasn’t well-thought out and is dangerous.

What was the Recreation and  Park Department thinking? Obviously, it wasn’t.

Will Lee
San Francisco


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