Lee should stay out, set example for next mayor 

A Wednesday letter argued that Mayor Ed Lee should go back on his word and run for election if he is the most-qualified candidate.

The problem is that if he violates his promise, he becomes a far less-qualified candidate. The mayor was able to bring opposing interests together in practical compromises not just because he was capable, but also because he was viewed as a “neutral” party who owed no allegiances to supervisors, other politicians or other vested interests.

If he cracks because power brokers like Willie Brown and special interests convince him to do their bidding (by running), he will face all the political resistance he avoided by staying above the petty political fray.

No, better that someone lesser should attempt to live up to the standard set by our neutral mayor, and, should he/she fail, that Lee re-enter the fray in four years. His position will be stronger then.

Phil Page, San Francisco

Psych advice failed

After reading your Aug. 3 story “System ‘failed’ to stop ‘evil’,” I agree completely with El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson’s observation that the parole system relied too heavily on psychiatric advice in determining kidnapper-pedophile Phillip Garrido’s suitability for parole. I am sure also that the DA’s report is accurate in outlining dozens of failures by counselors and psychiatrists in determining Garrido’s true nature.

Psychiatrists have set themselves up as highly paid authorities with power to release criminals back into our society through our courts and parole system. The mistakes made with a dedicated sexual predator like Garrido are a prime example.

Dennis Negley, San Francisco
Cars vs. bike lanes

Mayor Arturas Zuokas of Vilnius, the Baltic capital of Lithuania, added bike lanes to his city that were marked with white lines and had a painted outline of a bike across the entry to the bike lane with an arrow showing the direction of travel. This system’s only problem was cars parking in the bike lane when there were no curbside parking spaces.

So the mayor cleverly made a video of himself in a tank running over a parked car to illustrate what could happen to illegally parked cars in the new bike lanes. He preferred not to order out the police to give more tickets or tow away a lot of cars. Why can’t San Francisco be this considerate to its residents?

Frank Norton, San Francisco

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