Larry Tobin is a habit changer 

Larry Tobin, the co-founder of the San Francisco-based Web site, offers his customers a 42-day plan to help them kick hundreds of habits. The system is designed to nix things like nail-biting and overspending by helping folks experience a new way of living.

How did you come up with the idea? I have always believed the world is driven by habits, both good and bad. Our bad habits diminish the quality of our lives.

How do you go about changing habits?  The best way to change bad habits is to become aware of them first. Participants do just this by creating challenges over 42 days, coupled with reminders sent by e-mail and text messages. The challenges help participants recognize their habits and provide the tools to eventually change the behavior in a manageable way.

What are some of the oddest habits you’ve come across? I have come across many strange habits, but Habit Changer’s strength comes in its ability to address any habit, both strange and common.

Why did you choose San Francisco to run your Web site? I live in the Bay Area and love the city of San Francisco. While the Web site is based in San Francisco, bad habits are universal and Habit Changer’s scope reaches worldwide.

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