Kucinich rejects Obama's health care reform proposal 

If the current health care compromise being proposed by Obama is to be passed, Democrats are going to have to get some votes from House progressives who voted no on the house health care reform bill the first time around. Today, one of the House's best known progressives, Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, flatly rejected the current proposal:

One name floated as a possible switch, liberal gadfly and presidential candidate Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

Think again. Asked about the matter by Washington Wire, the congressman from Ohio released this statement about the president’s compromise: “The new proposal starts with a wholly unacceptable Senate health care bill and, with a few exceptions, continues to make it worse. It’s a much better bill for insurance company investors than it is for the American people.”

The chances of passing the president’s plan through the House appear to be growing slimmer by the hour.

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