Krashkarma may soothe your Nine Inch Nails withdrawal 

No news from the Nine Inch Nails camp, since Trent Reznor’s been delving so deeply into soundtrack work.

But here’s something to enliven the forlorn Goth/industrial camp in the meantime: Ex-NIN guitarist, the German-bred Ralf Dietel, has his own Hollywood-based outfit called Krashkarma, and they’re as heavy as molten lead on a sinister debut dubbed “Straight To The Blood,” which sees its American release Oct, 4.

And the long-haired axeman — who’s been growing his Rapunzel dreads for 13 years — shares vocals with feral, drop-dead gorgeous drummer Niki Skistimas, so these aren’t your average headbangers.

In fact, the quartet originally started out six years ago as Suicide Holiday, wherein they perfected their yin/yang assault.

In 2009, they changed their name to Krashkarma to emphasize that duality, says Dietel — the gravity of his own voice bouncing off Skistimas’s more melodic style.

Recorded in LA, Berlin and Stuttgart, “Straight To The Blood” may not be “The Downward Spiral” (Hey — what else is, really?), but it’s a nice meaty chunk for that fan base to gnaw on for the time being.

Watch Krashkarma move from the bloodstream to the popular mainstream at (OK, they’re a little slow on the site’s name change).

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