Killing redevelopment will hurt Hunters Point 

The dismantling of California’s redevelopment agencies is yet another overreaction to the state budget woes. It will have dire consequences to future economic development for local municipalities. This is especially evident in San Francisco’s southeastern neighborhoods.

As chair of the Bayview-Hunters Point Project Area Committee, I have witnessed the positives of recent redevelopment. Now that it is Bayview-Hunters Point’s turn to be improved, the state wants to eliminate the economic instruments that have transformed other blighted communities in San Francisco.

True reform is needed, not elimination. The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency is one of the best managed and most successful of these agencies. Even Gov. Jerry Brown has alluded to this fact.

We need our elected representatives in Sacramento to come out and tell us how to save our disadvantaged communities.

Angelo P. King, San Francisco

BART protest was criminal

Your Tuesday cover story, “BART besieged,” prompted my anger against those who besieged the BART station.

The man on top of the train and all the other 75 or so lawbreakers should be brought up on all possible charges that the laws can inflict on these individuals who have caused unnecessary havoc. The commission that reviews all aspects of BART police activity should be involved.

These lawbreakers are just another reminder of why so many people in so many other places look at San Francisco as a silly city instead of the world-class city it was before our leaders lost sight of reality.

Cleaning up the mess this city has become is long overdue.

B.W. Haggard, San Francisco

Taxes are necessary

Your Monday editorial, “Legislature should ctrl+alt+delete Internet tax,” said, “State legislators should be finding ways to improve the business climate by reducing taxes, lowering regulations and letting the free market and entrepreneurial spirit ... thrive.”

Isn’t that what Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush did? We can see what that accomplished, with the economy going over a cliff and with enormous deficits into the future. We need regulations to control greed, and we need taxes to pay for necessary services.

David R. Dawdy, San Francisco

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