Keeping Twitter in The City helps local businesses 

A great many people have opposed any payroll tax break for businesses and are upset over City Hall’s decision to give Twitter a two-year tax holiday. This was a great decision and San Francisco will gain a lot more from this than it loses.

We have to look at the community as a whole. Many San Francisco companies usually choose local suppliers, employees might choose to stay here and spend their disposable income in neighboring shops, cafes, restaurants and museums. Whatever The City loses in payroll taxes will be gained via retail taxes. Other businesses will be motivated to move into "depressed" areas as well.

The biggest issue concerning most people today is jobs. We need to do everything we can to encourage more entrepreneurs to open up here and to help existing businesses stay in town. California is already the most difficult state for creating and maintaining a corporation. San Francisco should not make things even more difficult.

Saadi Nasim, San Francisco


Can Muni get any slower?

I have run the Bay to Breakers race in under an hour. When I drove to and from work in Berkeley, my commute was 35 to 45 minutes door-to-door, about an hour on the worst day.

So now I’m wondering why it routinely takes an hour or more for me to commute from the Sunset to the Financial District on Muni. My co-workers in Concord, Vallejo, Novato and Millbrae all get to work faster than I do.

Robert Miller, San Francisco


Dispose of dog-poop bags

Some San Francisco dog owners have reached a new low. Increasingly, I’ve noticed plastic bags with dog waste thrown on the street or placed on top of newspaper boxes.

Dogs foul our streets enough as it is, and this behavior makes things even worse.

May Fulton, San Francisco


Many skinheads not racist

Considering at least 90 percent (conservatively) of San Francisco skinheads are anti-racist, anti-fascist traditional skinheads, can you at the very least mention that nonracist skinheads exist when publishing articles about skinheads?

Your Wednesday front-page "Skinhead attacks" headline is likely to incite violence between people who mistakenly think all skinheads are racist and the skinheads who fight against racism. Are you seeing the problem with that?

Nick Watts, San Francisco

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