Keep your toys out of the toilet 

Bob Blanchard, the owner of the San Francisco plumbing shop Mr. Rooter, is educating kids that toys shouldn’t be flushed. Mr. Rooter recently launched a Facebook game to help. Check it out at

What are you guys trying to teach kids with this game? We’re trying to raise awareness for what toys are really meant to be used for.

Do you have kids and/or personal clogged-toilet stories? I have two boys; one is 6 and one is 4. As far as stories go in my personal life, nothing yet ... thank God. But in my professional life, you’d be amazed at the things that have been put down the toilet. Things from cellphones to credit cards ... jewelry, even toys of pleasure.

Who came up with the game concept?
Once a year, there’s a national convention for all the Mr. Rooter owners, and we share stories and ideas on things we can do better.

Have you played it? No, but my kids have been doing it. I don’t know their high score, I forgot to ask them, but they like playing on the computer.

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