Kalomira Stam's experience keeps her bidding for more 

The South San Francisco resident is a contestant on “The Price is Right” airing at 10 a.m. Thursday on KPIX (Ch. 5).
What led you to be on the show? I’ve been a fan since the Bob Barker days. My oldest brother was on seven years ago. I went down to Hollywood with friends and family. We had group tickets.

So what happened next? The producers interview everyone in the audience — all 350. I was energetic and determined to get on. I guess I stood out. But you have no idea you’re going to get called until you do.

What was it like when you were asked to “come on down”? I was really excited. My heart was beating really fast.

How did you do at bidding? I overbid on the first item. But then there were three pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes. I knew I had that.

In the end, what did you win? About $10,000 worth of merchandise: the shoes, an armoire, scuba gear, crystal stemware and a laptop.

Did the experience meet your expectations? It was way beyond my expectations. I would go back anytime — not to be a contestant, even just to be in the audience.

— Leslie Katz

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