Kagan private practice experience lags far behind other non-judge appointees 

Solicitor-General Elena Kagan practiced law at the Williams & Connolly firm here in the nation’s capitol for only two years, a much briefer stint than the 20.5 year average of other Supreme Court Justices who had no prior judicial tenure before joining the nation’s highest court.

A Congressional Research Service study being circulated this afternoon by Senate Republicans notes is the source for that 20.5 year average in private practice.

Other sources also consulted by the GOPers tell us that Justice Byron “Whizzer” White, the all-American college football player nominated by President John F. Kennedy, had practiced law for 14 years prior to joining the Court. Chief Justice William Rehnquist had 16 years in private practice.

Justice Robert Jackson had 21 years of private practice behind him when he joined the high court, while Justice Louis Brandeis had 38 years and Justice Lewis Powell 39 years.

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Tuesday, Nov 20, 2018


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