Kagan is an Obama liberal jurist for life 

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan began her Senate confirmation hearings yesterday. Unless the nominee utterly self-destructs, there is every indication she will be be confirmed as the next Justice on the United States Supreme Court. 
It won't be because she is an accomplished jurist; dog show judges have more experience than the Democratic nominee. Elena Kagan has never been a judge, and has never had to consider the merits of a case of any kind, not even something as mundane as a parking ticket.

Nor will it be because Kagan can boast of a depth and breadth of experience as a litigator. Elena Kagan has never argued a real case in front of a jury, of any kind. The pathetic self-immolating litigants before Judge Matthis and Judge Judy have more practical experience arguing cases in their sad little segments. Perhaps they are qualified in President Obama's eyes to be judges as well?

Without any experience at all as a judge, with ever addressing so much as a single jury, Elena Kagan is poised to join the highest court in the land.


For one reason, and one reason only, of course. Elena Kagan has no record that can be held against her. She has no cases as a prosecutor or defense attorney that she has argued that can be examined or probed. She has no decisions to investigate that reveals her intelligence, incisiveness or suitability for the position... but also no strikes against her. With the singular exception of her time spent as a clerk, she is from the legal perspective almost completely unprepared and inexperienced for the task she has been nominated.

But Elena Kagan was never nominated because she shows promise of being a competent Justice. Elena Kagan was nominated because Barack Obama knows her politics, and her fealty to the lockstep liberal orthodoxy to which he himself subscribes. 
Only two years into his abortive term, we've been forced to watch an economy and citizenry recoil from the mistake of electing a President with no background of leadership or experience.

Should we, the people, allow the Senate to rubber-stamp the appoint of someone similarly unprepared and inexperienced, to a lifetime position from which there is no recourse?

The Republican minority has the numbers to successfully filibuster this singularly unqualified nominee.

The question is whether or not they have the fortitude.

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