Justin Bieber accused of animal abuse with pet monkey 

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The news broke this week that happy-go-lucky Justin Bieber had to surrender his pet monkey (Surrender Monkey?) to customs at a German airport. But the story is actually pretty sad.

The Sun reports that Mally is only 14 weeks old and that capuchin monkeys need to stay with their mothers for at least a year or else they can be “horribly emotionally scarred.” Mally was refusing to eat, was reportedly crying out for contact and “stared miserably into space.” Yikes.

Vets got him a stuffed animal to cling to and he’s doing a little better, but they say Bieber is irresponsible (duh) by having him as a pet. “They are living creatures,” said veterinarian Kurt Grabenwoeger, “not celebrity accessories like a handbag.”

If Mally passes all his rabies tests and others , he will be returned to mommy—oops, we mean J-Bib. Calling PETA… Come in PETA…

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