Just where is Rep. Dale Kildee, D-Mich., on the health care bill? 

Despite a recent report in Roll Call, Rep. Dale Kildee, D-Mich., claims that he has not committed to voting for the health care bill when it returns to the House. So reports Catholic blogger Thomas Peters.

The only problem is that Kildee's statement to Roll Call seems pretty unequivocal and specific:

“I think the Senate language keeps the purpose of the Hyde amendment,” Kildee told reporters. “I’ll probably vote for it.”

And here is what Kildee's office told Peters:

Linsey Beck, Kildee’s legislative staffer, told us that the media reports were inaccurate, and that the representative has not decided to vote for the Senate language bill.

Kildee's defection would be a pretty big deal, since he is considered part of the pro-life "Stupak group" that is promising to switch from "yes" to "no" on health care over concerns about taxpayer funding of abortions.

Was Kildee somehow misquoted in Roll Call, or is he trying to have it both ways? His spokeswoman has promised a clarification sometime today for The Examiner.

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