Jury exposes how bad Central Subway will be 

The 2010-11 San Francisco civil grand jury has exposed the taxpayer waste and disservice to San Francisco of the so-called Central Subway Project in a compelling and riveting way, thus far ignored by accountable politicians and public officials.

The grand jurors have assembled breathtaking and undeniable facts about a politically motivated project, which will sap the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, deprive its dependent riders of a safe, timely and serviceable system, and drain taxpayer dollars in a virtually unprecedented manner.

Taxpayer money will be diverted in the amount of almost $1.6 million for a mere 1.7-mile subway that will inevitably — based on past SFMTA experiences — actually cost more than $2 billion, disrupt T-Third transfers, undermine Muni maintenance and stress overburdened Muni vehicle control systems.

Heed the civil grand jury report or continue to savage taxpayers and Muni riders.

Quentin L. Kopp, San Francisco

Run, Ed, run — far away

When has “keeping your word” been viewed as a bad trait? Apparently this is the view of current Mayor Ed Lee who decided to run for office and bring shameful disgrace to The City’s good name. It does not matter what he might accomplish in office if he begins as a liar. And no man should be qualified for public office merely because he is the first of his race to hold such an honor. If he had honor in his soul, he would drop out of the race. Run, Ed, Run. Run away.

Adrien Dion, San Francisco

Daly’s racial slur

Chris Daly is thought to be a progressive, but his Monday quote in “Lee opens political floodgates” is racist and he needs to be called out. You quote Daly as saying, “Ed Lee equals a dorky, Chinese version of Willie Brown ... Just dorky, Chinese Willie Brown.”

I’ll leave the dork slur alone (but it sounds like a bully I knew in grade school). However, I believe that Ed Lee is Chinese-American. Is Daly really allied with past generations of racist anti-Chinese California politicians? It is a slur to call an American citizen of Chinese descent “Chinese” whether uttered by the right or the left.

Charlie Spiegel, San Francisco

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