Julie King aims to defeat poverty in Uganda with a BeadforLife 

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Julie King, community partner and board of directors member of the nonprofit BeadforLife for more than five years, has one mission: to eradicate poverty in Uganda by helping women help themselves. For more information, visit www.beadforlife.org.

With the holidays far behind us, how important is it for people to help the less fortunate? It certainly is important at this time of year, but it’s also really important year-round. In July, people are just as hungry as they are in December.

What motivated you to fight poverty in Africa? I had been on a trip to South Africa with my church in 2005. To see a little girl look you in the face who is 14, but has a body that looks like she’s 8 from malnutrition ... there’s nothing like it to make you understand how incredibly rich and privileged we are.

Tell us about the jewelry and how the program works? So women who have made these beads have been paid for these beads, and they are enjoying the fruits of their labor now. We use the proceeds from the sales of the beads to form our programming.

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