Journalists and bloggers yawn over Jon Huntsman's weak campaign launch 

"The dramatic setting of this Huntsman announcement is just emphasizing how uninspiring the speech is by comparison." wrote the Washington Examiner's Philip Klein earlier, as former Utah governor Jon Huntsman announced his campaign for president.

That sentiment was echoed by reporters and bloggers on Twitter, although many media outlets have written favorably of Huntsman's moderate sensibilities in the run up to his announcement. Other reports ciculated that Huntsman press passes mispelled his name, and the address for his campaign office was incorrect.

"One of the least emotional political events I've ever attended," writes Ben Smith at Politico.

The Fix's @FixAaron notes: If Pawlenty isn't exciting/charismatic, what is Huntsman? #RealQuestion

Red State's @calebhowe: Huntsman knocked it out of the park. Unfortunately he was in the wrong kind of park, and it hit a small child on a swing.

Pundit @LarrySabato: Bad sign for Huntsman: Cable covers only minutes of kick-off. Bland, uninspiring speech. Must ramp up quickly.

National Review's @jonahnro: Breaking: Flock of pigeons crashes to earth at Huntsman prez announcement. Early reports are that they were bored to death.

ABC's @rickklein: Huntsman campaign starts w/ misspelling of his own name (via @sarah_kunin)

Blogger @jimmiebjr: Jon Huntsman is the Jim Zorn of Presidential candidates. "Stay Medium" could be his campaign motto.

Twitter user @pourmecoffee: Huntsman campaign will pay for cracks from Lady Liberty yawning.

Blogger @teresakopec: John Huntsman and his supporter should go out for a beer tonight to celebrate. It will be the best day of his campaign.

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