Jon Stewart defends friend Congressman Weiner: 'No fu-king way!' 

"For a program like this, the phrase sweet spot comes to mind." Stewart admitted after explaining the "Weinergate" scandal to his audience, but reminded them, "This guy is a friend of mine!"  

Stewart clarified that the New York Times mistakenly called Congressman Weiner his roommate but said that he did spend a lot of time with Weiner during the summers after college.

"As a comedian this is a slam dunk, but as a friend, I really hope this story is not true. I really do. I would feel terrible if its true." Stewart stated earnestly, adding that he doubted the verocity of the story.

"No way! No fu--ing way, seriously no way, in real life, in my memory this cat had a lot more Anthony and a lot less Weiner." said Stewart, highlighting the lewd photo.

"I'll be honest with you," he added, "The only thing that Anthony Weiner and this gentleman have in common is that they both lean hard to the extreme left."

Watch below:


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