John Edwards lands in Haiti, refuses to crawl into a hole and go away 

According to Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic, John Edwards just landed in Haiti -- just a few hours after an adviser went television, admitting to the paternity of his love child with Rielle Hunter. He had apparently expressed a desire to go visit Haiti to the White House last week, though Ambinder's report makes it unclear whether the White House helped him get to Haiti.

The question is: Why is an egomonster with more political bagage than Paris Hilton on safari bringing his tabloid sideshow to Haiti? How does Edwards think he can help things, rather than deflect media attention from important matters on the island?

In these divisive times, I think Republicans and Democrats can unite in agreement that John Edwards should avoid the public spotlight for a very long time to come. If Edwards really wants to help, he can do it without camera crews in tow -- but that's just not in his DNA. In fact, it was mixing his DNA with his camera crew that got him in trouble in the first place. </rimshot>

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