Joanna Rees is stuck on fixing San Francisco's streets 

Don’t you hate it when your SmartCar gets stuck in a pothole and you can’t get it out?

San Francisco mayoral candidate Joanna Rees does, as she described in a video put on YouTube by her campaign. In the video, the venture capital queen and former gymnast is told by a constituent from the Haight district that if he were mayor, he’d “fix our streets.”

Rees responds saying she couldn’t agree with the constituent more.

“I drive a SmartCar and I can’t tell you how often I’ve gone into a pothole and had difficulty getting my car back out,” she says, before going on to explain that she would fix the streets on top of the economy, job market and city deficit.

We suspect those last problems might be more difficult than even getting a SmartCar out of a pothole.

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