Jessica Alba: Single Again Soon? 

As untold millions of heterosexual males pray for the demise of Jessica Alba’s relationship with longtime boyfriend Cash Warren, the couple is reportedly struggling to salvage it. An insider tells the New York Daily News, "Jessica and Cash are at different places in their lives right now, but they’re trying to work out their problems."

Love denies rumors of gastric bypass

Courtney Love insists her dramatic recent 52-pound weight loss is all natural — not, as has been rumored, the result of surgery or liposuction.

"I’m not eligible for that," Courtney explained to People of gastric bypass surgery. "It’s illegal for me to get that. You have to be 100 pounds overweight; you have to be grossly obese."

As for liposuction, the Hole singer points to her all-over downsize as evidence against it: "What, I’m going to liposuction my fingers? My hands are smaller!"

The real motivation for her weight loss, Courtney says, came — as it does for so many women — from seeing unflattering photos of herself and not being able to fit into clothes. Only in her case, we’re talking about a shoot for Italian Vogue.

"They PhotoShopped me," the rocker recalls of the embarrassing experience late last year. "I couldn’t fit into anything, all the backs had to be cut out, and I was like, ‘I’m gonna fit into sample size[s], damn it!’ And that was my New Year’s resolution."

Team Britney Shakeup

It looks like Britney Spears is finally getting serious about getting her career back on track. The fresh-from-rehab pop star has rehired her former publicist, PR powerhouse Leslie Sloane Zelnick, to bring some much-needed good press into her life.

And reportedly, the "Toxic" singer has also parted ways with manager Larry Rudolph. As Scoop! has reported, Britney was allegedly unhappy with him — partly because, according to the New York Post, he introduced her to short-lived BFF Paris Hilton, which was (arguably) the beginning of the end for Britney’s image.

But, the Post also notes, firing her manager — with whom she just signed a long-term contract — could have legal consequences for Britney.

Hey, what would our Brit’s life be without at least a little drama?

Mandy: Memory Loss

After a long hiatus between albums, Mandy Moore may be a little rusty as a performer. During a recent charity performance, she forgot the words to one of her songs!

Recently, Star reports, the singer-actress appeared as a surprise performer at a prom that TV chef Rachael Ray threw for Alabama high school seniors who lost several classmates in a tornado. But despite her good intentions, Mandy’s delivery wasn’t quite up to par.

An observer recalled to the magazine’s Web site, "When Mandy came out onstage, everyone was really excited. But then someone in the audience asked her to sing one of her older songs and Mandy completely blanked. She didn’t know any of the words."

"She had to pull out her BlackBerry and read the words from there. Everyone in the audience was so confused. It felt like a phony was karaoke-ing to her song."

And if there’s one thing high school students should know about, it’s cribbing notes.

Wills & Kate Update

How have Prince William and recent ex-girlfriend Kate Middleton been dealing with their split?

Kate, 25, has handled herself with class and grace, smiling brightly at the photographers who trailed her Monday after news of the split broke.

Wills, however, has reportedly been, shall we say, drowning his sorrows. A source blabbed to Us that the night before the news hit, the prince, 24, went on a bender that resulted in a bar tab approaching $10,000 (how is that even possible?) and left him "struggling to stand up."

Could this be a sign that the heir to the throne regrets his decision? Perhaps, if pals’ speculation is correct.

"I don’t think it’s really over," a friend of Kate’s insisted to People. "I don’t think this is the last you’ll see of the two of them."

Hope so. Kate seemed like perfect princess material!

Five Quick Takes

- Paris Hilton was ordered to appear in court May 4 regarding a potential probation violation.

- Marc Anthony has agreed to pay about $2.5 million in federal and state back taxes.

- Avril Lavigne celebrated her new CD’s release at NYC’s the Box on Tuesday night.

- "Dallas" actress Victoria Principal has booked a $200,000 space flight with Virgin Galactic.

- Victoria Beckham spent her 33rd birthday Tuesday in Paris, shopping with hubby David.

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