Jeremy Lin is a role model for all smart athletes 

Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks was a topic of conversation in our home this week. It all started last year, when my son Minh Jeffrey told me about this new player in the NBA, and told me to watch for great things to come from Lin. What a prediction he made back then!

Last night, my son invited me to watch with him some video highlights of Lin’s recent plays. Wow, Lin made lots of baskets and passed the ball well to his teammates. His physical demeanor and style on the court seemed kind of different than the other players, but it sure produced the desired results for his team.

Similar to Lin, my son also loves playing basketball. What makes watching Lin special is he is both scholar and athlete, and that is something my son and Lin share.

This characteristic is something we can all admire, regardless of whether we are Asian-American, Chinese-American, Vietnamese-American or not.

Anh Le, San Francisco

Wiener record questioned

I don’t understand why you ran an opinion piece by Supervisor Scott Wiener (“Middle-income housing is important for San Francisco’s economic future,” Feb. 12) that pretends to defend programs to build new middle-class housing in The City.

In view of Wiener’s decisive vote in May 2011 at the Board of Supervisors to demolish 1,500 rent-controlled apartments at Parkmerced, that article is nothing less than nonsensical or a deliberate attempt to lie or deceive your readers.

Nick Pasquariello, San Francisco

Housing towers won’t work

The “progressives” plan to make San Francisco full of housing towers. Within 10 to 15 years, The City will be tearing them down because of the crime.

If they had ever read “Defensible Space” — only taught in two eastern architecture colleges (University of Pennsylvania and Georgia Tech) — they would have known this.  

Ever hear of Pruitt-Igoe in St. Louis, Mo., and Chicago’s Cabrini Green? They were “progressive” midcentury modern housing towers that were destroyed within 10 to 20 years because of rampant crime.

What people can’t see, they can’t defend. Ownership of the land and house is key to that defense and keeping crime down.

The “progressives” are not progressive — they are regressives. They are making living an absolute hell in the isolated, elitist San Francisco Bay Area.

Janet Campbell, San Francisco

Muni scofflaws ignored

The way that Muni enforcer treated Bill and Mary Lou Keyworth (“Seniors carded for Clipper,” Feb. 17)is disgusting and inexcusable.

I am sick and tired of pushy, loud, obnoxious jerks who barge their way onto the bus through the back door after I have foolishly forked over my fare like an obedient little Boy Scout.

Needless to say, I have not once seen any fare inspector ever approach one of these punks. Too risky, I guess — easier to pick on well-behaved senior citizens.

Try to be patient, Muni cops. The American police state is on its way, but it isn’t here yet, so chill out.

Carl Hoffman, San Francisco

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