J.D. Hayworth: Pork Barrel Pusher 

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the career of Arizona talk show host and former Congressman J.D. Hayworth won’t be surprised by this infomercial.


Hayworth may talk the talk of the Tea Party movement, but when it comes to walking the walk he’s one of the biggest pork barrel spenders the Republicans have ever elected.

This has earned him the ire of anti-earmarkers like Arizona Congressman, Jeff Flake. (For more on Flake see my ongoing endorsement of him here.)

Hayworth was also tangled up in the huge scandals surrounding disgraced lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, a connection which cost Hayworth his House seat in 2006. In fact, Hayworth received more campaign money from Abramoff than any other legislator.

So while I got a good chuckle over the whole “Free money! You never have to pay it back!” bit, I wasn’t exactly shocked.

Hayworth is a big spender with a big mouth. He voted for everything from No Child Left Behind to the bank-breaking Medicare Part D – a Bush-era expansion of Medicare likely to cost more than Obamacare that can be described as little more than blood money for the votes of senior citizens.

If you want a better understanding of Hayworth’s political philosophy, look no further than this infomercial: small government for thee, free money for me.

It doesn’t really matter if Hayworth is a conservative or not to me – I’m not that interested in purity tests and dogmatism. If you have good ideas about how to increase prosperity in America, or how to fix our political institutions, then I’m all ears. But Hayworth is selling himself as some sort of leader or mascot of the Tea Party movement, and his track record – just like his infomercial – proves that he’s just the opposite.

If Hayworth gets elected to the Senate you can expect more of the same. I’m not a fan of John McCain, but I’ll take him any day over this pork barrel salesman.

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