Jason Mraz is more than ‘just a guy in a hat’ 

It was one of those weird little humorous moments that you can only find on animated shows like “Family Guy.”

In a recent episode, Peter Griffin happens upon a skinny, fedora-sporting ,musician type, standing on a street corner , whom he greets as Jason Mraz.  To which the stranger drolly replies, “I’m not Jason Mraz. I’m just some guy with a hat!"

Cut to the end voiceover credits to find that it was, indeed, actually Jason Mraz. Which is reason alone to like the fellow. But there are more.

Starting with his appearance at the upcoming MUSE benefit at Shoreline , Mraz — with his longtime percussionist pal Noel “Toca” Rivera — will be heading out on a globetrotting tour for the 10th anniversary of Mraz’s breakthrough indie release, “Live At Java Joe’s.” It will pass through Morocco, France, Prague, even Australia’s Sydney Opera House, before concluding Nov. 28 and 29 in his hometown San Diego venue of Spreckels Theatre.

Mraz also pops up in the new documentary “The Big Fix,” about last year’s Deepwater Horizon offshore-drilling disaster. He contributes a brand-new track for its closing credits, “Collapsible Plans.” He’s also formed his own charity, the Jason Mraz Foundation, which supports diverse causes like Free The Slaves (fighting to end child slavery, worldwide), True Colors (backing LGBT rights), plus the heavily environmental Surfrider Foundation and Natural Resources Defense Council, among others.

So obviously, Mraz is much more than just a guy in a hat. Find out more about his work here.

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